Drawing with Mark Beard

LAST NIGHT WAS A TREAT! (Get it? Halloween humor! Sorry...) I had the opportunity to join artist, Mark Beard, for an evening of life drawing. I got an invitation to his studio for the session; and it was something very special. Entering his studio is like entering the studio of a Renaissance artist. Every wall is covered with classic drawings and paintings, busts and sculptures pop up here and there, old books and reference photos strewn about (okay, maybe an Edwardian artist's studio), and projects in-progress are tucked in the corner to be scrutinized later.

The space is fitting, of course, for Mark's work. He is responsible for the amazing murals you'll see in the Abercrombie & Fitch stores, which look like they're from the Edwardian era. Beautiful Abercrombiesque athletes doing the sorts of things you'd expect -- rowing boats, riding bikes, playing football, painted like gods. He's a master of his craft.

It was clear where Mark found his inspiration from. Gabriel, the model, was clearly a real athlete. He could have been carved out of stone.

A big thank you to Mark Beard for hosting the session this week. I can't wait to go back!