ING New York City Marathon 2008

On November 2, 2008 the 2008 ING New York City Marathon took place, spanning the five boroughs of New York City. As part of the World Marathon Majors, the New York City Marathon bring over 90,000 applicants and 39,000 entrants. It was a beautiful day for the race and the elite Men's race, along with the first wave of the race, started promptly at 9:40.

Yours truly competed this year placing 411th with a time of 2:50:31. My first NY Marathon, it was quite the amazing experience. The fans are what make this such an amazing race. After mile 15 I was ready to drop, but the fans' wild screaming is what kept me going. I finished only 10 minutes short of my goal, a miracle, based on the way I was feeling. Here is a picture of me at mile 11 on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (before I was feeling like death). A special thanks to You Jung Byun for taking the photo. This race is sure to inspire some new work. Don't be surprised to find some work with the themes of pain, exhaustion, defeat, and maybe exhilaration in the near future.