Butterfly Baby!

A lot of my work tends to sway toward the darker side. My mom regularly always asks me if I had a troubled childhood that she was unaware of. I don't know where it all comes from, I think it's more fun to draw. I guess that I could just be all dark and twisty on the inside. 

Occasionally, I get the opportunity to create something a little brighter. These jobs are really fun too and get to be a breathe of fresh air. This piece isn't really a job, though. This was for my niece Baby Madalyn Kate. On a sidenote, she's adorable. Her room is all purples and flowers so I wanted to create something that would fit right in for her for her first Christmas. At first I was a little stumped as what to draw because I wanted to create something child-appropriate, but also something that fits with the rest of my work. I think I accomplished it. Anyway, Baby Madalyn (at 10 months) was too occupied with the wrapping paper to care, but my sister-in-law liked it.