The MFA Thesis exhibition came down this past Monday. I have been waiting to post on this until I had some pictures from the opening, but alas, I forgot my camera, and I've been having some difficulty getting images from friends. :( I couldn't keep you all waiting any longer, though. I had to say THANK YOU to everyone who made it out to the show especially to those who came to the opening. I had such a good time and felt so much love and support!

Posted are some pictures of myself showing my good friend Danny Jones the exhibition. (Pictures courtesy Mike Terry's iPhone).

For those of you that couldn't make it out, you'll notice I got a really great wall for the show. I planned on putting three pieces and a book into the show. Shown to my space in the gallery, I had to run back to my studio to grab another drawing! I had a great huge wall. On display were two pieces you've all seen, two new pieces and a new book that traces my whole thesis project this year.

All the work looked great in the show. I hope you all took the chance to check out the MFA Illustration website, because there was a lot good things happening in the gallery.

The best part of the evening was definitely when I found out I had a fan and got to sign an autograph. :)

Thanks again everyone. I'll keep you posted on any shows that may come in the future!