Italy & Greece

This is rounding out to be one of the most exciting summers of my life. I've finished Graduate School, living in New York City, surrounded by great friends, and traveling my little butt off.

About a week ago I returned from a trip to Italy and Greece. I had an absolutely amazing time. One of my really good friends is a high school Latin teacher and planned the trip for her students. I was lucky enough to be invited to be one of the chaperones for the trip because of my Art History background, travel savvy, and iron fist with children. (Or at least two of those three.) The trip started in Rome and ended in Athens. In the middle we visited Pompei, Mycenae, Olympia, Epidavros, and Delphi. So much to see in only 10 days!

The trip was a whirlwind tour, but was so much fun. I met so many people and had so much fun with the kids. Some of the highlights were the Acropolis, Pompei, and the Sistine Chapel. My only regret was that we didn't get to check out the Caravaggio exhibit while in Rome. I mean, seriously, how can you NOT look at Caravaggio while in Rome?? (We also missed the School of Athens :( )

Since I was in charge of protecting and herding 29 kids, needless to say, I didn't have much free time. I was able to get a few drawings done while there. Here we have the Parthenon, a statue of Antinious, and one of the many bus rides we endured. I did get a drawing of Pompei, but it has been mailed to my mother (I'm such a good son) before I got to scan it... I hope it makes it!

San Francisco is the next trip planned for this summer. Stay turned for more posts!