Back on November 2nd when I ran the New York Marathon, the whole city was in an election frenzy. Even with a twenty-six mile race ahead, people couldn't keep their minds away from the election race only days away. Stocking up at my local running store on Gu and other necessities I saw the funniest thing. The store was selling shirts for the marathon with you-know-who's face on it. Obamathoner it said.

The day of the race I couldn't believe people traded in their synthetic, non-chafing jerseys to show their support. I mean, good for them, but I could have just saved it for post-marathon celebration time.

It's nearly a year later, now, and that really has nothing to do with my illustration, but it just came to mind as I was posting this new image. It's part of a portrait series I'm starting. This is just the drawing. I still have to add color, which will just be simple. More to come!