Supermodel Veronica Webb

I just went on a four mile run with supermodel Veronica Webb in Central Park! I have such a random life! Honestly, I only knew vaguely of her beforehand, but now I'm so impressed. Not only does she have an uber-impressive career as a model(the first black supermodel to receive an exclusive contract from a major cosmetics company!), writer and actress, but she's such a beautiful (I'm talking on the inside here) person.

Why did I run four miles in the park with a supermodel, you may ask. I say, why would I turn down the opportunity?? Turns out Veronica is also running for the Harlem United Community AIDS Center's Team Apollo in the New York City Half-Marathon this Sunday. She came out to run with me (well, actually Kelsey, our coach) to discuss running tips for the race, running in NYC in general, and to give a little pep-talk to our team as we prepare for the big race. As assistant coach of the team, I just got to tag along and add my two cents into the conversation. Honestly, everything I said will probably be edited out, as I can't put two word together on camera.

That's right, I said on camera! She brought her film crew out with her. She's cooking something up for t.v.! So in the (hopefully) near future I will be on t.v. running with Veronica and Kelsey!

Aside from starstruckness of it all, the four miles (inner loop, 72nd to 102nd) we ran were really nice. The weather was an amazing 60 degrees, the park was friendly and the conversation was fun. We went a nice easy pace as we're all tapering for the half on Sunday and also so the camera crew could keep up in the bike drawn carriage. It was especially entertaining as we went up hills and the cameras struggled to keep up.

All-in-all, it reminds me what I love so much about running. I'm talking about the friendship and adventures it brings. I've said it before that I love running because I love the people I run with. If it wasn't for great friends and running, I wouldn't find myself in such goofy/fun situations.

Anyway, if you don't know about Veronica Webb, I suggest you look her up. She's beautiful!