Pines Nude Drawing

I am really having a great summer. During the week, I've been working my butt off with freelance jobs and every couple weeks I've been running off to the beach for the weekends. What more could I ask for?

This summer there's something new going on in the Fire Island Pines. Carlos Pisco has started up the Pines Nude Drawing. Every other week, Carlos has been pulling together a group of guys to get together and draw. It's not something one typically finds at the beach, but where else could there be a more beautiful setting? I went for the first time the last time I was out and had a blast. It was a great way to start my morning--poolside with my sketchbook, pencils, and free models.

Here's just a few of the drawing I did while I was there. It was a really wonderful experience and I can't wait to get back to do some more!