Pines Nude Drawing Part 4

Drawings from my fourth and final Pines Nude Drawing session, brought to you from the Meatrack! This session was especially fun as we brought our drawings supplies out into the woods of the Meatrack--the section of Fire Island between the Pines and Cherry Grove. It was quite the adventure since we had to navigate through the floods left from Hurricane Irene and the extra rain that followed, just to get to our drawing spot!

Once we found a spot, it turned out to be a really beautiful day to be outside. Our models looked so perfect set against nature. It's such a treat to get to draw a model outside of the studio. I can't count the number of drawings and paintings I have with studio chairs, easels, and random drapery in the background. A tree is a nice substitute.

We worked in two places in the rack. The first was a rather secluded section with lots of sun. The second was a little deeper into the woods and a little closer to the main pathway. Our little drawing session got a range of reactions by those passing through. Particularly interesting where those who passed through two, three, and four times. ;)

Our Meatrack drawing session, was a fun little way for me to end my summer of drawing in the Pines. There's one more session of Pines Nude Drawing, next weekend, if you're interested. Unfortunately, I'm unable to make it. I'm grateful for the times I have gotten to go this summer, though.

I have to say it again, that it was one of my favorite parts of my summer vacation. Not only was it fun, but it's inspired me to do more sketchbook work. I'm definitely going to be looking this fall and winter for some opportunities. It won't be the same as my Saturday beach drawings, though. So, I definitely can't wait until next summer to do it again!