Pools: Reflections by Kelly Klein

BIG NEWS!!!!! 

Pools: Reflections by Kelly Klein is now on sale. Pools: Reflections (published by Rizzoli, designed by Sam Shahid) is Kelly Klein's follow up to Pools, published in 1992. The original was a history book of the medium, filled with classic beauties and many vintage images. The follow-up, 20 years later, takes a contemporary look at the pool. The images show works of art and new architectural feats, as well as, pools that have been abandoned and taken on a second life. It is also the first hardcover book that has MY NAME IN IT!!!! Such an exciting moment for me!

At the end of last year, Pools: Reflections' designer, Sam Shahid, recommended me to Kelly Klein to assist her with image research as well as some minor production tasks. I jumped at the opportunity to work with Kelly. She began as a designer for Calvin Klein and later moved into editorial and fashion photography, with an impressive laundry list of clients. Later she began authoring books, curating simply beautiful stories of pictures. Some of her titles include Pools, Underworld, Horse, and now Pools: Reflections.

I learned so much from the experience and from Kelly. She has such a keen eye for beauty and amazing scope, that enabled her to collect this vivid story. Additionally, it was an education of the world of photography. I have become acquainted with so many new artists I can hardly handle it and I'm so excited to continue to learn.

The icing on the cake is that the whole experience was tons of fun. Kelly was a joy to work for and it didn't hurt that I got to work out of her swanky office, first in the Meatpacking and later in Chelsea. This last week I was a little star-stuck at the book launch party. The event was held at Barney's (who is selling the special edition, that comes with a hard-case and t-shirt) and the room was filled with celebrities from the fashion and photography world. I was able to identify the likes of Bruce Weber, Calvin Klein, and Simon Doonan; but unfortunately, I'm sure I missed some other folks since I rarely get to peek into that world.

Last, but not least, all profits from the sale of Pools: Reflections will go to ACRIA an HIV/AIDS charity that works to develop new medication and is searching for a cure.

I'm so happy I got the opportunity to work on Pools: Reflections and with Kelly Klein, and it's is so exciting to see my name printed in a hardcover. Be sure to buy your copy today!! If you're nice to me, I'll even autography it for you. ;)