Drawing Bayne 12/6/12

LAST WEEK I SKIPPED OUT ON TRACK PRACTICE to go drawing with Mark Beard (again). This week we had a great model by the name of Bayne. Although he was solid like the Batman character, he looked much more like Thor, Son of Asgard, than someone who'd crawled from the depths.

Pencil on toned paper has been getting a little repetitious for me. So, this week I worked in watercolor. In an untraditional move, I started my under-painting (under-drawing?) with ballpoint pen. I encourages me to commit my lines. Using a red pen, I also feel like it gives a sense of warmth and heat to the figure. Added bonus: ballpoint pen doesn't bleed or smear when wet.

I may have mentioned before, Mark facilitates 40-minute poses with the models. While it was a godsend for my pencil drawings, I found it an obstacle with my paintings. Pencil allow areas to be developed slowly and reworked as desired. Watercolor is much more immediate and final. Additionally, one must be much more strategic when placing color. Two wet colors touching can cause disastrous results. What I'm getting at is these works seem a little over-worked and muddy. Live and learn, right?

Although, I got a few nice drawings here, I think it was the right decision to skip track. These drawings would not be in the elite corral of the marathon...