Drawing William - 02/07/13

AS I MENTIONED LAST WEEK, Mark Beard gets really great models. Exhibit A, above, B, C, D, E, and F, below. William could have been sculpted out of stone. I can't believe the abs on this guy. Even better, he really has fun on the podium with complicated poses. He posed for an entire three minutes BALANCING ON ONE LEG! I'm not kidding. Check the image below, in blue ink. He was still as stone. Unbelievable!

I really took the time to slow down to get shape and volume this week. I really wanted to capture his physique. I think I achieved my goal, but the end result looks a little stiff. I guess that's what you get for drawing a sculpture...

IN OTHER NEWS, it sounds like some of my figure drawings are going to in an upcoming show at the Leslie Lohman Museum in Soho. In talks with them, I know a few pieces will be shown, but I don't know which yet. The show, Boys of Summer, will be in early April. No further details at the moment; stay tuned to find out more!