Wow! It has been such an incredible year! I've really taken my figure drawing to the next level. I've gone from drawing once a month to twice a week! I cannot believe the response I've been getting to my work through social media.

At this moment, I have over 8,000 followers on Instagram, 600 on Tumblr, and 200 on Facebook! I'm truly blessed to connect with so many people. They're a devoted bunch too. It's been so exciting to see so many people connect with my work and support me. Additionally, they have allowed me to create the store that I have on here and have been a constant supply of volunteer models. I'm amazed by it all, everyday. 

Here's a small sampling of all the great models I've worked with over the last several months. Some of these are from the great Mark Beard drawing group I attend, but most are the fantastic people I've met through Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. 

If you enjoy my work, please follow (Instagram | Tumblr | Facebook). I post something new nearly everyday!