John MacConnell by Squarespace x Freehand Hotel

Squarespace followed me around the city to the Freehand hotel and made a video! I’m so HONORED to be included in their project to highlight the creative talent on their platform. Take a look!! You might recognize sketches of some friends:  @joshuaprobertson@jerehunt, @angusobrien_, @kevincarnell, @_benjisays,  @bmanuel, @legalminor, @declarke85, @erniecanvas, @levijfoster, @mr_puryear, @alfredosolivan,  @paul_mcgill_, @tadeumag, @kylekrieger, @sketchdude76 

Thank you to the AMAZING team at @squarespace that made this happen!  @misterrep, @justinbreton, @danny.owens, @sally__symons, Matt, & Phillip

Leather jacket by @worldstephenf