Hero 7 (Florian) Drawing

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Hero 7 (Florian) Drawing


Original artwork. 80" x 42", graphite on Rives BFK, January 2015.

Part of the Instant Gratification series. 


Instant Gratification (2014-2016)

A series of life-sized drawings exploring the concepts of social media, reality, and hero worship.

I've become very active in Instagram and have, over the last year, grown a large following and made quite a few friends through the app. Through this process I've made many observations on how users (myself included) act and interact with the app and each other. 

Instagram's way of micro-blogging really makes someone feel connected with the people they're following. As "insta" suggests the posts make you feel like you're in the moment with the person you're following. The interaction makes you feel like you know the person and are experiencing the moments with them. Through their image and text, you learn their expressions, tones, and emotions toward their lives. 

Of course, Instagram (like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) is not reality. It is only what the author of the page wants you to see. Despite that knowledge, it's hard to ignore the feeling like you know these people, many with fantasy-like lives. I've met quite a few of my followers. While none of them are lying about their lives, it becomes very obvious their online identity is only a small portion of their life.

The title INSTANT GRATIFICATION obviously comes partially from Instagram. The drawings, all of nude/semi-nude backs, represent the illusion of being exposed. In reality, the subjects faces and identity are still hidden. We don't really know who these individuals are. We are just drawn to and get satisfaction from the reality they have shown us one post, one instant, at a time. 

Shown at the Highline Loft Gallery, New York City. Opening: May 28, 2015.