The Stress of a Fracture

What I failed to mention in my post about the New York City Marathon and my race, was that post race I was achy all over and began getting sharp pains on the outside of my right foot. Some aches and pains are expected post marathon, so I decided to give them a few days to take care of themselves. After three days of icing, wrapping, medicating, and limping, I went to the doctor and got x rays. After a weekend on crutches, I met with the orthopedic surgeon, today, to find out the verdict.

At the orthopedists, I learned that you can develop a stress fracture anytime within two weeks of the initial impact. From my x rays the doctor determined that if I didn't have a stress fracture already, I was on the verge of developing one in the near future. Either way, the treatment is the same. So I will be on crutches for the next two weeks followed by another four of low impact living. Meaning I cannot run for six weeks. :(

These are the my x rays. The doctor said an MRI or bone scan would be able to give a clearer picture, but you can tell where there is stress on the bone by the darker spots. Even without a break, I think these pictures are pretty cool.