This piece is almost a companion to my perviously posted item. While the last piece showed a runner broken, this piece shows a runner at their strongest.

Running creates these times of elation and astonishment where one discovers their potential. These moments come after a creating a new personal record (PR) in a race, finishing a seemingly impossible workout, or covering more miles than you ever thought possible in a single run. These moments few and far between and are are nearly out of body. "Did I really do that?" often comes to my head. We often imagine ourselves weaker than we truly are and it really is uplifting and surprising when we see ourselves at our full potential.

On a side note: MacConnell is not the most common of names. It is close to several other names so it does not seem all to strange to most, but computers do not like it. They always are telling me I am not who I think I am and I am actually supposed to be Mr. John McDonald, Mr. John McConnell, or Mr. John Unknown. Occasionally, the spell-check get creative and throws something new at me. It was really was difficult for me to correct the spell-check the day that it confused me for a Mr. John Machinelike. I kind of like it. Anyway, story time is over. As always, tell me what you think!