Run the Dog

Been catching up on posting lately. This is one from my thesis. This is thesis 1.0. Well, really, more like 1.1. Those last three are sort of Thesis 2.0. All of them all have to do with running and slowly they are merging together (I hope).

This is part of my original plan to do a campaign for healthy living (Thesis 1.0), which has been simplified to a campaign for running (Thesis 1.1). This is pretty much done except for the type. It is just a place holder for the moment, until I have time to really go back and draw it by hand. I think the image is done and clear, though. I've decided that the campaign is just going to be filled with word/image-play and bad puns. Ideas I'm working on: Run with the Crowd and Run Your Mouth. Have any more for me? I'd love to hear them!